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BC Food Systems Network (BCFSN) works to create healthy, just and sustainable food systems in British Columbia by strengthening connections, nurturing capacity, and supporting joined-up food policy at all levels. BCFSN works in partnership with farmers and ranchers, fishers, First Nations, and people in communities working to rebuild their food systems from the ground up. BCFSN works to undertake awareness building and education, and to develop balanced policy proposals that adhere to sustainability principles and reflect the needs and interests of a wide range of people, communities and ecosystems.

Key efforts of the network are:

i) To bring attention and understanding of structural inequities within food, fisheries, and agricultural systems in BC
ii) To skill BC actors in organizing, mobilizing knowledge, and working to decolonize their own practices and institutions
iii) To amplify and strengthen voices across BC that call for a fair and sustainable food system

We know how important it is to connect food system and foodland actors across the province. Consider contributing and supporting our work. We are looking to recruit volunteers with lived experience or self-identified expertise in:
⇒ Anti-oppression
⇒ Decolonization
⇒ Movement building
⇒ Equity education
⇒ Planning with a focus on radical change, compassion, or healing trauma
⇒ Organizing

Finally, we wanted to acknowledge the efforts of our ancestors, those who have come before, those in the here and now, who have contributed their time, sweat, and tears to the BCFSN and building this movement.


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